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What to expect when buying

Laura Marshall
Jan 29 10 minutes read


You've made the decision to purchase a home. Whether it's your first home or one of many, we want your experience to be amazing. We strive to deliver a luxurious buying and selling experience that you'll tell all of your friends and family about!

What we've agreed to do on your behalf

We preview properties daily but it's not always easy finding your perfect home. We know that we may need to step outside of the typical practices to find your home. Here's our basic practice:

  1. Setup an MLS search portal
  2. Invitation to our search app
  3. Tour Open houses together or provide list for your tour
  4. Networking with other agents in our office and database

We have been trained to find properties that may not be "on the market". Here's what we may do to find them:

  1. Cold Calling a neighborhood or area that you're interested in
  2. Door knocking a neighborhood or area that you're interested in
  3. Emailing existing seller leads that are in our database
  4. Advertising your wants/needs on social media
  5. Mailing a neighborhood with letters describing your intention to buy

How we do it

  • Honesty (sometimes the brutal kind, if you can handle) - If a home is not right for you, you’re making a poor decision, or if you ask us our personal opinion, we would like to “give it to you straight”. Are you completely comfortable with that? Likewise, we expect the same from you. If you think we don’t know something, need toexplain more, need to stop talking, need to listen better, be less honest, spell our name differently, tell us!
  • Transparency - We are in the business of selling homes. Our passion is in the lifestyle, in the impact we have on your life, and on the community. That’s what fuels us. But you pay us. We are employed by you, and by our other clients. We have huge goals and we are thankful that you are a part of that.
  • Work Smart - In order to provide the level of service that we are offering, we (you and I) need to be smart and efficient. We ask that you become very comfortable in saying “no” to a house when you know that you won’t like it. There are plenty of homes to choose from, we show you homes to buy, not to tour. Our time (as in, all of us here on Earth) is valuable and should not be wasted.
  • Loyalty - We value this relationship, we will protect it, and we will protect you. When we are both loyal to each other, we all succeed.
  • We want this process to be enjoyable and memorable. We value your business, your trust and are looking forward to your friendship.

Services we use

We like to think we are pretty hi-tech. A lot of the systems and applications we use are cloud based. We aren’t quite 100% paperless, but we’re close. Below are some of the systems we use and a brief explanation of what they do and how they could be used tohelp you to while working with us. 

  • MLS - Metrolist Services is the provider of local MLS. We will setup a saved search and refer to it on multiple occasions per week in search of your home. If you have used MLS and are comfortable with it’s interface, we will setup a “portal” that will allow you to be notified of the same listings we are viewing.
  • Google Apps - gmail, calendar, drive. Gmail and Calendar are easy. Drive might require some learning curve. Drive is our online storage platform or “cloud”. During the process, we will be saving your pre-approval letter, statements and other information as it relates to your transaction in Google Drive. 
  • Evernote - A note taking service that is cloud-based. We use Evernote to coordinate showings, take notes at properties, and to provide content to our clients. You’ll be given a link to the note that you can access online at any time.
  • Realty Commander - software used to control the flow of showings, and to manage the transaction once we are in escrow. It's also a system that we use to keep you aware of tasks we are completing. You’ll learn more about this later.
  • Market Snapshot - a service used to create a “snapshot” of a specific category, style, preference or neighborhood of homes. This snapshot is rich in statistics and information, but not in pictures and intimate details. This is awesome for getting accustomed to the market.
  • FaceTime and Google Glass - for circumstances that don’t allow you to be present for a showing, or inspection. We offer FaceTime or Google Glass tours. Basically, a video tour from your iPhone, iPad or computer. Take your pic. When we say “full service Realtors”, we mean it.

Schedule and availability

Simply put, we can’t properly service you if we don’t take some days off. We are committed to serving you, our valued client, and will likely make special arrangements and modifications to our schedule on a case-by-case basis. For the most part, we will schedule important dates and showings for the days where we are “on”. In case of emergencies, we check our messages regularly even on off days. If a scheduled vacation will interrupt a showing appointment, key date, or signing, you will be notified at least 1 week in advance and in most cases will be accompanied by the another team member.

Communication Plan

Transparency is key. We are available by phone call, text, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and email between 9am - 7pm. We answer, we text and email throughout the early morning and night as well, but as you can imagine, the response time may vary when it’s outside of business hours. 

We wouldn’t ever want to feel forgotten, so we don’t want you to ever feel that way either. Our communication plan will depend on your goals, your timeframe, and the conditions of your purchase. Each circumstance is different and it’s important that we discuss how often we will have meetings, conference calls, or text message check-ins. These will be scheduled updates aside from our normal correspondence. Example: You may not want to be bothered with a phone call every day, or even every other day. A call every 5 days might be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are in a crunch and need immediate results, we will likely need to schedule daily or bi-daily calls to keep us all connected and on the same page. It's a customizable plan  

The perfect property... And the realistic gem we are going to find

95% of home buyers will end up with roughly 70% of the features they want in a home. It’s important to know this because:

  • You may overlook “the one” because on paper it does not check every box you have established as “must haves”
  • You want to be happy about your purchase. This is exciting!!! Don’t get down if your home doesn’t have a 800 square foot walk in closet, and a 7 car garage, and room for 4 families to visit. Be happy to find a home that you can see yourself in, that represents the lifestyle you want to be a part of. That’s what this is about. For us and for you. Finding you a home, not checking off features on a list.
  • Those “must have features” sometimes change. While it is very important that you communicate to us your non-negotiables, as your Realtor we need to feel the freedom enough to show you a home that may not fit 100% of your needs (but is pretty darn close).

Once you find your home

Determining Your Offer
Many factors influence the asking price of a home. To help you decide how much you feel comfortable offering for a property, we will gather information for you regarding the factors that impact how much you should consider paying for the home, including:

  • How long the home has been on the market 
  • If the price has been reduced 
  • The prices for other comparable homes in the area 
  • If there are multiple offers 
  • Other items that might be included in the sale - furniture, hot tub, etc. 
  • The “list to sale price ratio,” an indication of how competitive the market is for homes in this area 
  • Why the seller is selling - relavent examples might be: relocating, upsizing/downsizing to new home (and have already, not yet, or don't need topurchase a replacement)
  • Whether the seller is offering an assumable loan or financing 

Negotiating the Offer and Contract
You may make your offer subject to certain terms or contingencies, including securing of financing or perhaps the sale of your current home. You may also make the contract subject to various inspections by both you and professional inspectors. Most contracts include some standard provisions, such as property taxes, insurance costs, utility bills and special assessments that will be prorated between buyer and seller. Others outline what happens if the property is damaged before closing, or if either party fails to go through with the sale. I will review every aspect of your offer and contract with you. Together, we will plan a strategy for getting the most advantageous terms for you, the buyer, at the price you are willing to pay for the property.

Congratulations, your offer is accepted!!

What to expect when purchasing the home

See what happens after your offer has been accepted

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