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What to Expect When Listing Your Home

The Process for marketing and listing a home for sale

Good House Keeping (metaphorically speaking)

  1. Listing Documents have been signed.
  2. Seller Disclosures have been signed and should be returned to Jeff and Geoff.
  3. Documents get submitted to office Transaction Coordinator to prepare for sale.
  4. Get two copies of keys made
  5. We open Escrow with a preferred title company

Good House Keeping (literally speaking)

It’s day one of listing your home. And hopefully by today, you’ve already begun the prepping and staging required to sell your home quickly. If your goal is to sell as fast as possible and for the most money possible, you absolutely need to have your home clean, decluttered, touched up, and repaired to be in top standards. Here are some things that you should start with (if you haven’t already):

De-clutter. Begin the packing and storing of non-essential items.

Clean. Take care of all essential cleaning items ASAP. A clean carpet, kitchen, bathroom, shower, windows, baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans are all signs that a home has been well maintained.

Repair. Depending on the extent of repairs needed (and EVERY home has some) you should begin considering doing those repairs, or at least preparing for the buyers response to those potential hot areas. We always recommend performing a pest inspection. It helps prevent any surprises from occurring prior to entering contract. Having pest inspection items repaired prior to a buyer asking (and they will ask almost every time) is helpful in negotiating the highest offer for your home. It will also help to secure your buyer for final closing rather than losing them to unknown defects that could potentially scare them away. Another inspection worth having is a roof inspection. In most cases, a roofer will offer a free estimate on a 2 year roof certification and point out items that may need repair.

Stage. We will play a big part in this. But for now, make sure that any personal photos, paintings, or prized possessions are packed safely away. We don’t want to advertise your prized items in pictures posted online for the world to see. We also don’t want to break them when moving furniture around ;)

Showing. This one varies. Everybody’s schedule will vary and we are respectful of that. It’s important that (if we haven’t done so already) we establish some guidelines for showings:

  1. What times work best to allow people into your home?
  2. What times DO NOT work to allow people into your home?
  3. What sort of notice will you need prior to showings to prepare, clean/tidy, and leave. (1 hour? 2 hour? 1 Day?)
  4. Prior to a showing turn on lights, open blinds, light a candle (if needed), tidy up. 

A General Timeline of Events - 

Day 1: Listing Paperwork is signed

Day 2: Professional Photography and/or videography session is scheduled

Day 6-9 (Wednesday): Office Tour, Post Pictures Online, MLS Input, Neighborhood Invitations Sent

Day 7-10 (Thursday): Live on MLS, Neighbors-Only Open House 

Day 11-14 (Sunday): Mega Open House

A breakdown of your timeline of events can be found by clicking here.

Online Marketing

I’m sure by this time, you are overwhelmed with our Online Marketing Strategy. You’ve probably heard us drop words like: Pins, Likes, Impressions, Reach, Boost, Tweets, Exposure, Retweets, Favorites, Redirects, Shares, Posts….. What we may not have told you is that you can participate (and often bring a great impact) in marketing your home. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter (Jeff or Geoff), and share the same things that we post about your home to your social network. We bring a lot of exposure to your property but it NEVER hurts to have more. 

Here’s an example of what others have done:

  1. Share the post of your home from our Facebook page (also, “like” the post. It helps boost visibility)
  2. Retweet the link to your home from our twitter feed
  3. Share the YouTube video

Print Marketing

Because not everyone is digital, some trees will be needed in the marketing of this home. 

  • Open House Flyers
  • Sign Box Flyers
  • “Just Listed” Postcards
  • “Just Sold” Postcards
  • Other direct mailers may be sent as needed 
  • Occasionally we will market in Sacbee or Zoom Magazine publications. It all depends on the home, the season, and the demographics of your target market.

Team Contact Info:

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Laura Marshal

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Arianna Brusa


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